Morbus session tonight!

As stated in the most recent Talk of the Ninja, my friend(s) and I are playing Morbus tonight and you all are invited. If you own Garry’s Mod and added the four Workshop mods I listed, please join the Steam group and message me so I know you’re up for it.

Time? Let’s say… 7:00 PM, Central time. That’s about five hours from right now. If there end up being around 4 or less people we’ll probably end up using Teamspeak like usual, so you may want to download the Teamspeak 3 client. I’ll tell you the Ninja Blues server address if we make that our choice.

[UPDATE: Here’s the event page for it in the Steam group! And just as a reminder, the game is best played with voice chat, so bring a working mic if you can.]

Also! Here’s episode 2 from that Youtube show I mentioned before:

Here’s that picture of me that we keep mentioning:



Probably the most flattering picture of me that’s ever existed. Make that your Gmod spray image and I’m pretty sure you automatically win the game.

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