Discourse Dojo: Shovel Knight

Hi, Internet! Were you hoping for a second Discourse Dojo? Well we made one anyway, because you can’t stop us. And this time we have an intro theme, courtesy of incompetech! So now there’s something on Ninja Blues that actually involves blues.

This episode is about Shovel Knight, a retro throwback to the side-scrolling action platformers of old. It is available on Wii-U, 3DS and PC.

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We had technical issues hosting the audio last time. We’re trying it again this time, and if the issues persist, we’ll put on our safety goggles and dig into server support. If you’re having trouble listening to the full podcast through our site, here it is in Youtube form:

Note from Ninjustin:

That story at the beginning was honestly not planned. We did a bunch of rambling before we properly started the show, most of which was cut out, but I felt that particular bit was worth keeping in. The echo from last recording seems to be gone here — I turned my voice activation detection on Teamspeak down just a bit to make sure it didn’t pick up Jarenth’s voice coming out of my headset speakers.

Also, I know we griped a whole bunch, but Shovel Knight is a very fun and charming action platformer and you should play it if you’re into that sort of thing.

Jibe from Jarenth:

Unfocused rambling is how podcasts are supposed to start. That’s just basic science fact, yo.

Be honest, internet: do you like my fancier mic? I dug it out specifically to sound my best for you. I dressed up in my Sunday best, too, but you probably didn’t see that. I… I think?

Shovel Knight was quite fun! It’s flawed, in ways, but also pretty and interesting and pretty interesting! It’s definitely a game I would recommend playing in bursts, maybe one or two levels per play session, but it manages to entertain pretty consistently throughout that. Even if the siren lure of the Phase Locket never really goes away.

I can’t believe we didn’t mention Mario 3’s overworld as an influence on Shovel Knight even once.



  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I just wanted to let you know that I successfully download the whole cast with no problems this time. Since I will probably be driving far today, I’ll be sure to listen in the car. :)

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