Indie Apology But Also Hype Land

Hey readers. I have good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want first? Too late: I’m choosing for you, and I pick bad news.

Because I’ve vastly underestimated the time and energy drain that would result from me travelling to and working in Vienna this week, I simply don’t have it in me to create any reasonable Indie Wonderland this week. I’m sorry, this is bad planning on my part. And I’ll be here for another half week, so next week’s column is probably going to be a shorter one as well. Again, I’m sorry: I try to balance Real Work Life and Indie Wonderland as much as I can, but this week, Real Work Life took the round. But, like, not even with a fatality or anything. Just… it scored one good hit, then ran out the clock.

The good news, though, is that no Indie Wonderland this week won’t mean no anything this week. As it turns out, much like before, Justin swung by at the last possible minute to grab the game I was going to write about — Shovel Knight, in this case — and hijack it into a podcast instead. So instead of reading Indie Wonderland: Shovel Knight this week, you can all look forward to listening to Justin and I ramble about it in Discourse Dojo: Shovel Knight instead.

So, in summary: no Indie Wonderland this week and half an Indie Wonderland next week — 25% efficiency, a new personal worst — but a new Discourse Dojo about the original topic as compensation. I hope this is acceptable for you, readers ‘o ours, because I nearly fell asleep three times while writing this last paragraph.

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  1. Reading this back three weeks after the fact, I can say with confidence that the third paragraph — where I use the word ‘instead’ three times in two sentences — is probably one of my all-time proudest pieces of writing.

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