Indie Wonderland: Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Bonus round!

While writing the review for Frederic: Resurrection of Music, I found out about its sequel, Frederic: Evil Strikes Back. I got both of the games as a package deal of sorts, and I decided to fold a brief review of Part 2 into Part 1. Because…

Well, mostly because they’re basically the same game.

Same menu style.

Same gameplay rules.

Same pointless ‘special attacks’.

Same lazy stereotypes.

Same ‘Musicality’ voice clip.

And, of course, the same notion of Chopin remixes. I haven’t played enough of Frederic: Evil Strikes Back yet to determine if they’re as good as the ones in Frederic: Resurrection of Music, but it seems likely. And if you’re intending to try out a demo for one of them, why not both?

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Jarenth enjoys listening to amazing music much more than he enjoys looking at artistic talent being squandered in the support of lazy, hurtful ideas. You can follow him on Twitter or hang out with him on Steam!


  1. I thought the line about the Muses having to go do a commercial was a joke on your part, but no, that’s actually in the game. Holy crap!

    (Also, side-note: while Nessie is a misplaced stereotype, the bagpipes aren’t; they’re as Irish as they are Scottish.)

  2. But wait, what’s this? An overly long comment!

    Page two: -I’m still note sure what the deal is with…all these typos! (Though actually it could be a…bad pun?)
    -‘press space to animation’ To animate? (unless I’m missing something)
    -if you’re too bad to possible ever win

    I just want to make sure; you’re one of those writers that don’t mind mistakes being pointed out, right? (as long as people aren’t being jerks about it)
    Are you one of the compulsive ones, the ones who /////need///// to get rid of any and all mistakes?

    (/emergency typo news)

    (Reading, bottom of page 1)
    ‘Yeah, that’s pretty bad.’
    (Page 2, ‘You don’t get to argue that this isn’t super racist.’)

    Dear god.

    (After the review, went to Youtube to hear the voice acting for myself, found the Jamaica/Rob intro and some gameplay.)

    Dear god (again).

    And keep up the good reviews!

    1. I don’t mind typos being pointed out, no. I’m quite bad at exactly the kinds of spelling mistakes you’re pointing out right now, so the occasional pointing-out helps keep me on my toes.

      Rob is just… wow.

  3. You preferred ASDFGHJ over AWSEDRF? I have to admit that, had I been making the game, I would’ve gone with the AWSEDRF as well. It more closely matches both what’s going on on the screen and what it feels like to play a real piano. Plus, you don’t have 4 for one hand and 3 for the other, it all being one hand.

    But then, what do I do with my other hand? Also, maybe it just sucks in practice. I admittedly haven’t tried it.

    Anyway, I’m here from the Diecast audience where you talked about this, and I’m enjoying this review (and jumped out in the middle of it to read your NecroDancer review, which definitely got me interested in the game)!

    1. I tried a bunch of setups, but ASDFGHJ worked best for me. It made it easier for me to mentally link controls to fingers: left hand for the left three buttons, right hand for the right three, and the middle as a wild card. AWSEDRF does have the advantage of matching the actual key layout of a piano, but for my experience, it doesn’t match the way the buttons are offered to you while playing.

      If you do have piano experience or something similar, or you just have one very strong dominant hand, the traditional setup is probably better. For my money, I was floundering like a doofus until I switched a few times, and then I beat the game more or less in a single sitting.

      Also, welcome! Glad you liked the reviews. Stick around! There might be more of them in the future.

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