Welcome to Ninja Blues!

Hello there, dear reader, and welcome to Ninja Blues! This is the new blog where up-and-coming Internetters Dylan ‘Jarenth’ Schouten and Justin ‘JPH’ Hall write about video games. Chances are high that you’re here because you know one or both of them and they’ve led you here, but if you want to know more about either of them, you can read our About Us page.

Jarenth runs a column called Indie Wonderland, where he reviews an indie title every Monday. Justin’s got a column called Talk of the Ninja, where he writes about games small and large, as well as general gaming topics. We have plans to write collaborative reviews, Let’s Plays and more. Stick around for lots of reading material!


  1. Wait, Jarenth has a real name? I always assumed that he was Jarenth ‘Jarenth’ Jarenth.

    1. Even back when I went by JPH, he would call me Justin ’cause we were close enough friends. But I still called him Jarenth. I still call him Jarenth now! It just feels more right to me.

      1. I’m okay with either. I just figured I might as well put my actual name out there, too. But if ‘Jarenth’ turns out to be what sticks in memory, I’m fine with that.

        As a comparison example, I only ever call Rutskarn ‘Adam’ during that one week every year where I stare at his face for like sixteen hours a day. Beyond that, ‘Ruts’ just has more mental staying power.

  2. Yay writing again. Seems like a good plan to me, you two work pretty well together.

    Just one stupid question, how do I get at the RSS feed for this site?

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