Monthly Archives: August 2013

Let’s Play? I Hardly *Knew* Her!

Howdy, fine readers! Jarenth here: I’m back from the United States of America with a head full of stories, a stomach full of junk food, and no gifts. Well, I mean, I have some of those decorative flattened pennies if you want them.

In lieu of an actual new Indie Wonderland — the regular delivery of which will resume next week — I have for you, in this post, two Let’s Play-related snippets. First, I’ve updated the Let’s Play-section of our menu to contain a complete overview of Jarenth Plays XCOM. So if you’ve ever wanted to re-read your favourite ‘I fight aliens, fail, win sometimes’ episodes, it’s now more easy than ever.

And second, I’ve decided that now would be an excellent time to try my hand at another one of these Let’s Plays. This is actually something I want to talk about in more length, which is why it’s hidden after this section break. If you’re not interested in helping me decide which game to Jarenth-Plays next, you’re free to stop reading right now.

Are you sure you can handle the *sheer responsibility*? You are? Fine then. Continue on.