Ninja Blues: Castle Crashers — Episode 2.2

The second part of the second episode, here on this… this would actually work better if we’d upload it in Februari, but them’s the breaks. Ninja Blues 2.2: Accidental Guest Stars!


Okay, confession time: I generally don’t watch these videos myself. I strongly dislike the sound of my own voice, so I tend to trust whoever’s editing this stuff blindly and completely. JPH, in this case.

I did watch some of it now. Christ, my audio is dull. And sorry for the JPH feedback, too: we hadn’t figured out a good way to use Push-to-Talk with controllers yet. That issue is being looked into; suggestions are welcome.

Josh and Shamus show up (at around 2:26) because we like crashing Shamus’ Vent server every now and again. This might happen again in the future. We’re not sorry.

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