Ninja Blues: Castle Crashers — Episode 2.1

Back from the void, like the ninjas it’s named after: Ninja Blues returns!

Alright, we weren’t really gone. JPH just finally got around to uploading the next video.


Now, I may have lied in the previous episode, where I said that I would have an XBox controller ready for play by now. In reality, what happened in that we recorded both episodes — that is to say, the three videos currently online and the fourth one, lingering in limbo — in one sitting. I’ll have the controller ready for the next recording session, which should hopefully turn into Episode 3.x.

JPH, here, you know the drill.


  1. The previous episodes made me interested in Castle Crashers.

    This episode…didn’t. Due to the pooing animals. It’s one thing as a one off joke, but three times in that little bit of a forest? And it’s basically a cut scene? Way too juvenile.

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