Ninja Blues: Castle Crashers — Episode 1.2

And here’s part 2 of the very first time JPH and me played Castle Crashers. It’s like the first episode, except moreso.


Two things, here:

First: in the last Ninja Blues post, I may have mentioned that after this episode — that is, 1.2 — I would be in possession of an XBox controller. Turns out that’s technically a lie: we recorded two full episodes, back-to-back. You’ll notice the effect of my controllerless-ness in that second set more pronouncedly, too.

Second: I’m better at PVP in this game than JPH. This will always remain so, forever.

Third: Yes, there’s a third. Sorry about that. Anyway, third: JPH’s version of the words you see here are on the Den, as always.

P.S. Secret fourth: Yes, the video skipped over my frame again. This is really weird, and seems to indicate that YouTube itself just can’t stand my smug grin.

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