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Jarenth Plays: Warlock: Master of the Arcane — Episode 8: Interbellum

In the previous installment of the Warlock’s Cookbook, I captured the city of Elfbush and put an end to the ghostly escapades of a certain spectral wizard whose name I have since vowed never to spell again. Seriously, it was a chore each and every time. If you’ve already forgotten what his dumb name was, read the last episode again. Or just forgot it, I suppose: it’s not relevant anymore, anyway. He’s dead; even dead-er than usual, when he was a ghost.

Ghost Warrior was not my only opponent, though: I also declared war on Wizard Santa halfway through, as I was fed up with his constant extortion and rebuking of my non-aggression approaches. So in this episode, I plan to consolidate my army — again — and march west to grab Monster Central from under his bearded face.

Frost’s beard is a never-ending source of amusement and jokes for me, yes. What of it?