Jarenth and JPH Play: Trapped Dead (Ep. 2, part 1)

Be honest, readers: did you think, honestly think, that JPH and me were going to go back into the dysfuncionally hilarious mess that is Trapped Dead?

Because if you did, man, have I got some good news for you!


This mission was actually a little more fun than the previous one, because there’s a clearer goal and a better sense of payoff. Of course, that doesn’t stop it from being terrible, but we’ll get to that in due time. For now, it’s just JPH and me doing what we do best: walk around, club zombies to death and die a lot.

If you’re confused by the sudden change in sountrack, JPH explains this right here. If you’re not confused, but just want to read JPH’s view on things, that’s over here.

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