Jarenth and JPH Play: Trapped Dead (Ep. 1, part 1)

A little while ago, I played a little bit of zombie survival game Trapped Dead with my friend and all-around Internet strongman JPH. During our play session, we discovered that Trapped Dead is, in fact, hilarious. Mostly hilariously bad. Especially when played cooperatively.

Being who we are, we immediately resolved to mock this game the only way it deserves how: in terrible, stilted-dialogue video. Because what goes around comes around. Here’s the first part of our first play session, which should run about three videos total.


How long will we run for, you ask? That fully depends on how amusing this game keeps being.

JPH’s side of the story can be found right here.


  1. It’s cool that this game lets you play as a guy in a wheelchair. Most games don’t seem to be aware that people with disabilities exist.

    This concludes the good things I have to say about this game.

  2. This. Game. Is… wow. This is one *bad* game. And I don’t mean bad in a “1980’s black guys” way.

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